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the thoughtful poem

I wrote this poem to express my words

Under flying urge hitting up my range

I drop what I got inside my soul

I drop those expressions to hide my wall

To feel free out of the law

I spin my pen where is there is nothing for fun

I speak out my passion for no one

I become a hustle way away from treasure

Feeling my sun losing my moon

Because I remember life soon

I enjoyed the hunger and the thirst spoon

I trust my reality which I’m no more a groom

Failing in December waking up in June

Stuck in business while it’s disgusting

Cash in money as if I’m the fucker

Lifting the world and myself forgotten

Healing the wound of endless discussion

Between me and me sipping the whiskey

As I could be so risky

Observing the roses with no colors

Find the way of ancient fusel

Taking others in my own travel

Faking the smile for more picking

Deeping inside as if I’m tricking

Shaking the mind while I’m swimming

Here is my life and I’m not kidding.

Here is my life and I’m not kidding.

Here is my life and I’m not kidding.

Here is my life and I’m not kidding.



Moments are there to celebrate them , confidence made by our decisions weather we keep our potentials or we explode it  we are humans of nature ,culture and atmosphere being sensitive doesn’t mean we are weak it contain  a lot of meaning beyond the powerful force of the social that push us to be who we are today . We born free far from worrying, greedy and jealousy we are born for a special reason we are lord guests on earth to appreciate  what we have by living the moment the now by working on our tasks in a perfect way without thinking in tomorrow and yesterday , the moment  is the most important that keep us tracking the right direction by knowing our strength before catching our weakness from here we start again we still have us . Let’s rise up and help each other we can do a difference even in small actions within us let’s go for it time wait no one .

ULCS is Hamra’s newest language academy and all-encompassing tutoring center, offering classes, workshops and individualized services.


Our Skills for Your Future!

Universal Language Services and Center is Hamra’s newest language academy and all-encompassing tutoring center.

We specialize in University preparation classes including English language and writing skills, science, math, and essay and report writing workshops.

We offer private tutoring with highly qualified teachers and graduate students specializing in every subject.

We are also proud to offer beginner Arabic classes for newcomers to Lebanon to help them better integrate into the Lebanese culture for a more enjoyable experience of Lebanon.

Finally, we offer a number of workshops through our Communications Training Academy to improve communications proficiency from public speaking to audio-visual skills training.




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your ideas need you

Life is different, sounds new in every day we wake up it is what we only have in reality

The most interesting inside our daily life is what we call it “up and down “.

It’s normal to feel this in everyday life, always a dream then a fail always happiness then anger

Anyone try to ask the question why? of course you ask yourself deeply but got no answer Left in your cells .

let us try to discuss this subject it’s not that hard because the answer kindly simple as it is ,human nature force us to live that way  since we got ego and self distractions, In addition we got many complicated  thoughts that drive us to a deadly end.

Many solutions has been discussed lately but the most simple one that you and me can find it is about how to stop worrying living life day by day without stress without bad thoughts whatever happens with you  ,it’s all about giving yourself a sweet relaxation which allow you to focus for what you really want

And what u really don’t, by reading nice subjects this may affect your brain in a positive push instead of the negative one, 

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